Stunning Beaches in Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard, an aesthetic Island, offers adventure seekers and travelers the best beaches. With its white sand, crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, tall grasses, hidden coves, and secluded ocean views, these beaches alone are enough to draw visitors from around the globe looking for rejuvenation. The island has various beaches and offers myriad activities, from swimming and surfing to windsurfing, kiteboarding, and incredible beach strolls.

While many down-island beaches in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, are freely accessible to the public, most up-island beaches are privately owned and require entry permits. Visitors and residents must arrive by boat, ferry, or plane to visit Martha’s Vineyard Beach/Island.

This Guide will Explore the Top 5  Beaches in Martha’s Vineyard Below

 Aquinnah Beach

Martha’s Vineyard Beach

Located along the south shore, just off the Moshup Trail, Aquinnah is one of the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard. It is open to the public and welcomes all visitors. The beach offers stunning views of water and sunset framed by the National Landmark, Gay Head Cliffs. Skimboarders and enthusiasts for leisure walks find the superfine white sand here. It has pristine fishing spots. Soft sand and calm water are the best features that families can enjoy. A ten-minute hike from parking is also one of the best features of this beach, with a minimal cost of $15. Stealing clay and climbing the cliff are punishable offenses.

Lobster Ville Beach

Lobster Ville Beach is an up-island beach famous for fishing and bird watching. It is open to the public. The residents own Lobster Ville, one of the famous beaches in Martha’s Vineyard. It demands a permit. The calm and shallow water makes it an ideal beach for kids. Parking for the general public, except residents, is the only drawback.

Katama Beach

The spectacular 3-mile-long beach, also known as South Beach, is one of the best in Martha’s Vineyard. Summer is the best season to visit this beach. The beach has two sides, and the best side is the Atlantic side. Soft sand and great sunsets are best for walking.Katama Beach

Squibnocket Beach

Squibnocket Beach, one of the scenic beaches in Martha’s Vineyard is a paradise for surfers. It is also known as ‘Squibby’.  Squibnocket is a scenic beach, enclosed with features like Calm and relaxing water that are suitable for adventurous activities. Another noticeable feature is the rock formation that attracts tourists. The beach is open all year for visitors and locals except in summer. In summer, it is open for Chilmark residents. 

It is best for a spot for photography as a beautiful bridge connects the beach to Squibnocket farms.

Long Point Beach

Long Point Beach is one of two-faced beaches in Martha’s Vineyard, located on the south shore. The beach offers adults adventurous water (waves of the Atlantic Ocean) and a calming shore for the children(lake water of the beach). Sports like Kayaking and paddle boarding are  popular among people to explore salt ponds.

Along with the beach’s scenic beauty, visitors can explore the wildlife refuge to spot wildlife.

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