Mamaearth’s Creamy Matte Long Stay Lipstick

Mamaearth has launched a new range of makeup products, including Mamaearth’s creamy matte long-stay Lipstick. The product line spans toxin-free skin care, makeup, body care, face care, and baby care. The key selling points are that it is cruelty-free, safely certified, and toxin-free. Sustainability is the brand’s unique selling proposition, with an agenda to attract environmentally conscious consumers.

Mamaearth is a renowned brand that stepped into the market with onion hair oil and eventually introduced other product ranges. People crave the products because they do less harm to the environment and help plant trees whenever they purchase them.

Features of New Mamaearth’s Creamy Matte Long Stay Lipstick

    Products are not highly priced and are pocket-friendly. Consumers like Mamaearth’s new lipstick range, especially the creamy matte long-stay lipstick with Murumuru Butter and vitamin E. The features of this Lipstick are ;

  1. It is an 8-hour extended stay.
  2. It is flake-proof and non-drying formula
  3. It’s intense color payoff
  4. It weighs 4.2g.
  5. It is made of a safe, certified, and creamy matte formula for up to 8 hours of wear.
  6. It is a non-drying matte finish
  7. Free from toxins and harmful chemicals.

Mamaearth launched these lipsticks in nine creamy shades, each infused with vitamin E and Murumuru butter. Vitamin E keeps the lips intensely moisturized and helps prevent pigmentation, while Murumuru butter nourishes the lips. The unique blend of these two ingredients makes these lipsticks stand out in the market. The shades complement a wide range of Indian skin tones.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Mamaearth’s lipsticks good(quality assurance)?

       Mamaearth uses a blend of Murumuru butter and Vitamin E, which helps moisturize and nourish lips and prevents pigmentation. Moreover, it is toxin-free and a safe-certified Lipstick.

2. What is the longevity of the Lipstick?

 Mamaearth’s Long Stay lipstick lasts for 8 hours. It is also flake-free.

3. Are these lipsticks challenging to remove( easy to remove)?

Mamaearth’s Creamy Matte Long Stay Lipstick easily comes off with micellar or makeup remover water.

4. Will it dry the lips?

Mamaearth’s lipstick is infused with Vitamin E and Murumuru Butter. The two ingredients keep the lips hydrated and nourished.

5. Will it suit every skin tone (skin compatibility)?

The Creamy Matte long-stay Lipstick comes in 9 malicious shades and is suitable for all Indian skin tones.

6. What is the cost of Mamaearth’s Creamy Matte Long-stay lipstick?

The Lipstick comes at a price that does not make a hole in anybody’s pocket. It costs INR 399.

 Verdict for Mamaearth’s Creamy Matte Long Stay Lipstick

Mamaearth’s lipstick combines style, sustainability, and affordability, making it a conscious choice for consumers.

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