Top 10 Best Content Writing Courses in India

In India, numerous institutes offer content writing classes. Over the past five years, content writing has gained popularity. Choosing a good content writing course is crucial to live your dream of becoming a content writer. The article has the top 10 best content writing courses in India. Content writing is a process that includes planning, writing, editing, and preparing the content for the digital market. A good content writing course is vital to learn the process and upgrade your skills. Choosing among good content writing courses is challenging and a task. Here are the top 10 content writing institutes to give wings to your job to simplify the decision-making process and give a sudden take off to the content writing career.

Content Writing Courses

1. ECT

ECT is a Delhi-based government-recognized content writing institute that provides certification to professionals. The unique features of lifetime support and internship make it stand out from its competitors. As one of India’s ten best content writing courses, it offers a 3-month content writing course with 32 hours of classroom live training, 50 hours of e-learning, and 60 hours of valuable videos, significantly boosting confidence in creating potential content. The package includes six assignments, six live projects, ten quizzes, one certification, and, last but not least, 100% paid placement assistance.

The modules consist of an introduction to content writing, boosting vocabulary, avoiding common grammatical errors, introduction to writing tools, techniques, and tips, technical writing, academic writing, content marketing, and publishing the book.

This institute, which charges a nominal fee of 15000, prepares certified content writers in four easy steps. The first step is enrolling, attending 16 classes, completing six assignments, and working on six live projects. They have an excellent customer satisfaction policy and run a YouTube channel to support the trainees. They offer both online and offline classes and also provide work-from-home job opportunities. 

2. IIM Skills

Ranked number 1 in content writing courses by various publishing houses, IIM Skills provides master global accreditation certification. Additionally, you can launch your content writing agency with four weeks of live classes. Furthermore, it helps you develop a portfolio for a job or freelancing with free tools worth INR 35000. Moreover, the lifetime support, be it technical or just consultation, is also one of the attractive features of IIM Skills’ content writing classes. The course’s main emphasis is on practical knowledge. It provides 60+ hours of assignments and 14+ hours of internship lectures. This course covers 60+ hours of internship assignments and industry case studies to develop the skills and enhance content writing ability. The course fee is around INR 16900+18% GST. 

3. Udemy

It is an entirely online and self-paced course. Additionally, Udemy is one of the ten best content courses in India. It provides pocket-friendly content writing courses and helps you choose one that fits your goals and skill level well. Moreover, Udemy offers various online content writing courses at INR 499. The best way to select the course that fits your goal is to consider the course description and reviews, as they also play a crucial role. The course structure consists of video lessons followed by quizzes, assignments, and written material and sometimes includes a certification of completion.

The best writing course rated five stars is Copywriting for Digital Marketing. This course will prepare you for the market sales needs, such as creating effective sales content. Another course is The content writing course. This course provides content writing knowledge, intent writing, and a certificate of completion. The course benefits both a novice and a blogger and helps take content writing to the next level. It offers the professionals 26 articles to read and lifetime access to 16 on-demand videos. It has the concept of content marketing and SEO tools for optimizing the content. Overall, this course of 3.5 hours teaches you content marketing, copywriting, content promotion, tips to become a successful content writer, blog post writing, and optimizing content for SEO.

4. Coursera

This is an online platform for learning. Additionally, it comes up with many content writing courses from the top universities. Content writing and content marketing go hand in hand. Furthermore, Coursera, one of the 10 best content writing courses in India, bestows a course titled “The Strategy of Content Marketing.” This course is designed for the intermediate level, even without any prior experience. Moreover, it offers a wide knowledge of writing in a strategic framework to build a professional brand and authority in the content writing market. Offered by the University of California, Davis, it is a 19-hour course comprising 5 modules. These modules teach you about the content marketing ecosystem, the strategic types of content, the 7A framework, and so on.

The skills which you gain after completing this course are management, copywriting, writing, and content marketing. A certificate of completion is provided along with the unfolding of strategy to reach the maximum audience with managed content.


 IIEDM has been awarded as the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai. It falls under the ten best content writing courses in India. You can avail of a certified content writing course with a placement affirmation. The course consists of the art of writing, understanding the psychology of writing, weaving words for the digital medium, different types of writing, after-writing, and interviewing and freelancing. All these modules provide deep insights into content writing and practical knowledge. This course’s significant feature is learning how to secure freelance projects. Trainees get more exposure to practical knowledge with the help of live projects.

6. Digital Academy 360

Digital Academy 360 is one of the 10 best content writing courses in India. It provides 8 courses in 1 program. Enrolling in the Skill Diploma Program in Digital Marketing and Analytics, the learner gets a diploma-level certificate. The course comprises 8 modules. In 1st module pre-course learning along with digital marketing foundation is there. The second module consists of content writing and copywriting. The third module is Canva graphic designing and video editing. The 4th module teaches digital footprints. The 5th module has everything about advanced SEO and inbound marketing. The 6th,7th and 8th modules are all about digital marketing. This institute doesn’t provide individual training in content writing.

The highlight of this course is live sessions, assignments, and case studies for practical knowledge and deep knowledge. Assessments are a crucial part of the course. Additionally, some other methods also include content writing as part of their curriculum.

7. Inventateq

They have trained 15000+ professionals and maintained a rating of 4.9 out of 5 making them one of the 10 best content writing courses in India. It is located in Bangalore. Weekday and weekend classes are both available. A trainer with 5+experience provides training to the professional and the heart of training is imparting practical knowledge. The course includes hands-on experience and lab sessions, offering 30-35 hours of content training classes. These sessions equip professionals with modules that cover various types of content writing, SEO content writing, copywriting, strategies for creating eBooks, and email writing. The course culminates with interview question and answer preparation.  Classroom and online training are both provided. Inventateq assures 100% placement assistance. 

8. Digital Academy India

  Digital Academy India, with live case studies and 40+ comprehensive modules, prepares professionals.  They provide free masterclasses too which makes them one of the 10 best content writing courses in India.  The certified program in Digital marketing: CPDM, prepares certified digital marketing professionals. They do not provide content writing courses separately. A professional will learn it as a part of the above-mentioned course. The course has a wide knowledge of marketing strategies and ethical ways of doing SEO along with Google algorithm updates. The special feature of this course is lifetime access to the content and live projects.

9. Henry Harvin

It is an online content writing course. Henry Harvin, with a comprehensive 12 modules and two complementary modules, stands as 1 of India’s ten best content writing courses. The program has 40 hours of training with free access to 40k with the CW tool. It provides a professional three-month paid internship with flexible working hours. A CDCW certificate is a credit to the experience. It is a 9-in-1 course with 40 hours of extensive content writing classes, CDCW certification and hallmark of CDCW next to your name, updated comprehensive study material, access to the LMS, 100 % placement, and supplementary lessons to deliver the project effectively. Enrolling in this course gives a professional a gold membership and numerous benefits like e-learning access and access to masterclasss, ETC.

   The course includes lessons on language skills, internet skills, blog, business, and marketing writing, content strategy, technical writing, research writing, academic writing, creative writing, copywriting, email writing, and legal writing. It also includes a module on earning online and getting international projects, stimulated content writing, and two complementary modules on soft skills and resume writing.

10. Online Marketing Institute(OMI)

OMI is among the ten best content writing courses in India. It has been awarded as the number 1 online Digital Marketing Course. It assures 100% placement assistance. The course offers two outcome-oriented certifications: Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing (ACDM) and Professional Certification in Digital Marketing and Strategy (PCDMS). It provides online content writing classes with no separate certification of content writing. Nevertheless, after completing the ACDM certification, one can secure a job as a Content Writer. In contrast, with the PCDMS certification course, a professional can secure a career as a Senior SEO Associate.

To Culminate:

Content Writing is an in-demand skill that will remain in demand for many years. To become the king of content writing and to create good content, a learner has to sign up for the best content writing course. The article has highlighted the ten best content writing courses in India with some salient features. This article will help the learner make a conscious choice in choosing the best content writing course. For more information, visit their official websites.

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