Xero Degrees: Unquestionably the Best Café in Delhi

Delhi is well known for its food, fantasy, fashion, and reels. If you want warm hues and affordable food, visiting CP in Delhi is not bad. Hunting for a new and best café in Delhi is not a task. A plethora of the best cafes in Delhi are there, and Xero Degrees is one of them. Many fancy stories/Hype are online from many food vloggers and bloggers about this cafe.

Xero Degrees

The vibes of the best cafe in Delhi, Xero Degrees, is average. The space is not so roomy and is narrow. Robust hygiene is also taken care of by the staff. As the space is less, the chairs and tables were chosen accordingly.  The seating system needs to be worked on as the chairs chosen by the best cafe in Delhi Xero Degrees are not comfortable for those who are tall. For a group, Xero Degrees has 3-4 special tables, so the complete group of 6-7 people can sit together. Comfort and eating must go hand-in-hand. A table in the center around the chairs with some spices and condiments on it makes your experience toothsome and satisfying.

 The menu of the Xero Degrees always attracts foodies and undoubtedly, serves every Indian’s cravings. The hunt for all funky dishes at an affordable price ends here at the best cafe in Delhi, Xero Degrees.  The Menu has Indianized American food on it. They serve scrumptious food consisting of Red velvet shakes, Tandoori Fries, Cheesy fries, Paneer pizza and many more. The cakes in the jar are not the only thing they offer but also the pizza and cheesy fries in an unordinary takeaway jar. The flavoursome food like pasta, pizza, and desserts will compel the gourmand to visit again for more palatable food.

This Instagrammable cafe, Xero Degrees, pushes all their boundaries when it comes to food and serves people with the best plating and varieties of food. Xero Degrees serves heart-shaped Pizza in place of circular-shaped pizza. The divergence doesn’t end here, they also have colourful burgers, named as sliders which bring a smile to any foodie’s face. The deal is more appealing when it comes to serving the drinks in Xero Degrees. One can enjoy the most appetizing and utmost delicious hot coffees, coolers and shakes in the best cafe in  Delhi, Xero Degrees.

Best Cafe in Delhi

Crashing to the Xero Degree, a multi-location cafe to celebrate occasions like Christmas, birthdays, friendship days, etc., is awestruck. You will find a huge crowd there due to its pocket-friendly food. Xero Degrees has multiple cafe chains in Delhi.

Additionally, due to the Instagrammable presentation of Xero Degrees cafes, foodies have to wait for 30 minutes and even more than that in rush hours and during the high season. Undoubtedly, the wait is worthwhile. Moreover, during the festive seasons and peak hours, Xero Degree, the best cafe in Delhi, follows the saying’ First Come First Serve’ with a big no-no to any privileges to VIPS. There are no rules for prior reservations except for the parties. To clear the cue during such time, Xero Degrees guards or IN charge have the provision of taking cell numbers of all the clients in waiting and following the sequence ethically.

  1. What popular foods are in the best cafe in Delhi, Xero Degrees?

 Pizza in a jar, cheesy fries, Big Bang Theory Sliders, and popcorn nut caramel are the best four must-try foods. Apart from that, shakes and their special Xero Degrees extravaganza pizza are also must-tries.

2. For what occasion is Xero Degrees best: Casual meetings or formal meetings?

Xero Degrees is most suitable for casual meetings. The cafe has no corner where people can sit and do formal meetings.

3. What are the operating hours of Xero Degrees?

 Most cafes open at 11 AM and run until 11 PM. However, some Xero Degrees cafes start accepting orders at 12:30 PM. 

4. Is there any signature dish of Xero Degrees, the best cafe in Delhi?

 Cheesy Fries in a jar is the signature and must-try for all the gastronomes.

5. Are the dishes overpriced or pocket-friendly at Xero Degrees?

  Xero Degrees doesn’t make a hole in your pocket. It is a budget-friendly/ reasonable and the best cafe in Delhi.

6. Does Xero Degrees Cafe, Delhi, play live music?

No, Xero Degrees does not play live music.

7. What are the must-try dishes at Xero Degrees?

Heart Shaped Pizza and Peri Peri fries and sandwiches are a try at Xero Degrees Cafe. A lot more is there on the menu to try.

Xero Degrees will never disappoint for its average ambiance and eye-catching food. It has an Instagrammable aesthetic ambiance. It is the best cafe in Delhi, which helps to make an event grand and deliciously memorable. A heart-shaped pizza, jar pizza, waffles, coffees, shakes, or coolers perfectly please the eyes and taste good. Additionally, without being heavy on the pocket, throw parties, enjoy festivals, or any social occasions at Xero Degrees. It serves quality food and arrays of dishes.

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